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A Quick



Completed CA- Inter, "ICAI".(2019)

B.com (A&F) IGNO University (2020)

I worked at

P.I Ramana & Associates (3 years) CA articleship period (2017-2020) .

My roles were

Auditing & Direct Taxation


Post Graduation in Banking, Insurance & Finance at IPE (2023-2025)




I am a Semi Qualified CA.

I am an Anchor & a Public Speaker.

I love cooking & travelling

My Insights


Finance is the backbone of any organization, and it plays a crucial role in decision-making and growth. During my articelship period i understood the significance of efficient financial planning, budgeting, and analysis. I believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy financial position, optimizing resources, and identifying investment opportunities to maximize returns. Moreover, understanding financial statements is essential in assessing the financial health of a business and making informed strategic choices.


Taxation is a complex and ever-changing area that affects individuals and businesses alike. Through my articleship experience, I've gained insights into various tax regulations and compliance requirements. I believe that tax planning and compliance are essential to minimize tax liabilities within the legal framework. Staying updated with the latest tax laws and leveraging available deductions and exemptions is crucial for taxpayers. I advocate for ethical and responsible tax practices that contribute to the growth of the economy while fulfilling our civic responsibilities.


I strongly believe that an independent and rigorous audit process is essential for ensuring transparency, accountability, and trustworthiness in financial reporting. It serves as a safeguard against fraud and mismanagement while instilling confidence in stakeholders.

Things I Love

I'am an enthusiastic and love to explore places .i am awarded as good speaker during a program held by ICAI . I have done anchoring roles at many events during school and college . i have led team during my CA Article ship period where i learned skills of problem solving, decision making .

These are just some of the things

that make me feel alive!

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